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Who we are
In 1946, Ralph and Ruth Foster, long-time residents of Westminster, purchased the Old Mill and opened it as a restaurant, making it a year round operation.

In 1973, the Foster's son Don and his wife, Beth, joined in the operation of the Old Mill, and in 2004 their son Jay became general manager and chef. Today it is still a family affair, run by Don, Beth and Jay.

2019 will mark their 73rd year as owners of the Old Mill, making it 98 years as a restaurant. Since 1761, the ownership of the Old Mill has only been in three families. The Old Mill has been 258 years as a business in Westminster.

History of the Old Mill
From its earliest beginning, the Old Mill has served a useful purpose in the community. Originally a sawmill where logs were processed for the new homes of the neighborhood, the Old Mill and its whirling saw sang a song of progress and industry through five generations of ownership before its wheels were stilled and it fell into disrepair in the late 1800's.

In 1921, the sawmill was converted into a tea-room and operated as such during the summer months by Miss Keough, until 1942 when war restrictions forced her to close.

Upon his return from serving in World War II, Ralph Foster and his wife Ruth bought the Old Mill and reopened it as a restaurant, making it a year-round operation, thus the mill was reborn.

Today, as the Fosters celebrate 73 years and three generations of family ownership, the Old Mill continues to serve foods in a setting of rare charm. Voices of guests mingle with the joyful music of water rushing merrily over the mill dam as it dances its way to the sea. With its attractive vistas, doubled in splendor by their reflection in the mill pond, the Old Mill is a shrine to the epicure for its delicious food and to the art lover for its rustic beauty.

The Foster family prides itself as being one of the oldest restaurants in New England still being run by individual ownership and serving over the years the finest food available. We thank you for dining with us.