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Directions to The Old Mill

COMING from the EAST going WEST, to reach the Old Mill coming from BOSTON or points in the EASTERN part of the state, get on Rte. 2 West and follow it until you come to Exit 25 which reads 2A and 140 South. As you come off the exit, turn left onto Rte. 2A East. The Old Mill is just a half mile down the road on the right.

COMING from the WESTERN part of the state going EAST get on Rte. 2 East and get off Exit 25 in Westminster marked 2A and 140 South. After you get off Rte. 2 go right over Rte. 2 onto 2A East. The Old Mill is down the road a half mile.

COMING from the WORCESTER AREA or the SOUTHERN part of CENTRAL MASS., take Rte. 140 North until you come to Rte. 2. Instead of going onto Rte. 2, go straight ahead on Rte. 2A for a half mile.

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