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Quiche of the Day
Served with a tossed salad and fresh fruit - 12.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons, and parmesan cheese mixed with Caesar dressing in a sun-dried tomato wrap …10.99

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
Buffalo Chicken with lettuce, blue cheese and ranch dressing in a sun-dried tomato wrap…9.99

Served with French fries …10.25

Cajun Chicken Salad
Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast atop a fresh mixed green salad with fresh tomato wedges,
cucumber and red onions, served with your choice of dressing…12.99

Haddock Casserole
Fresh native haddock en casserole with seafood stuffing - 12.99

Chicken Vegetable Pie
Served en casserole topped with our own flaky crust - 11.99

New England Pot Roast
Topped with country gravy…12.99

Fried Haddock
Fresh Haddock lightly breaded and deep-fried. Served with French fries…13.99

B.B.Q Bacon Burger
Our famous 8oz Burger cooked to your liking with crisp bacon,
cheddar cheese and B.B.Q. sauce…11.50

Grilled Swiss and Ham Panini
Virginia baked ham, Swiss cheese and dijon mustard sauce …10.50

Thai Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken wrap, mixed greens, shredded carrots, cucumbers
and a spicy peanut sauce in a sun-dried tomato wrap …10.25


All Prices Subject to Gratuity and Massachusetts Meal Tax.
Prices Subject to Change according to the Market.
Prices do not apply to major holidays.